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BPS joins call for needs of children to be put first

29 November 2019

We’ve joined forces with other charities to call on party leaders to put the needs of the youngest in society to be put at the heart of their plans for the next parliament.

Along with more than 140 other children's charities, education unions, professional associations and grassroots organisations, our chief executive Sarb Bajwa has signed an open letter asking for a commitment to three clear actions:

  • Set out your party’s priorities for vulnerable children and deal with urgent problems that can leave children scarred for a lifetime.

  • Put children at the front of the queue for investment to make sure that frontline services and support professionals are available to all.

  • Re-balance spending to focus on prevention rather than just dealing with the consequences of children ending up in crisis.

We also recently launched our own psychological manifesto, setting out our priority areas where government should be incorporating more psychological expertise.


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