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BPS issues new guidance for psychologists on safety considerations when returning to the workplace

03 June 2020

The British Psychological Society has published guidance for psychologists on safely returning to their physical places of work, as lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the United Kingdom.

Many psychologists have been using technological solutions to work during the Covid-19 pandemic so far, and working remotely should continue where possible, but some will now need to tackle safety considerations for both themselves and their clients.

A vital part of a psychologist’s role is making the people, who are often vulnerable, that they work with feel secure, and that will only be possible in an environment where everyone feels safe.

There are elements of psychologist’s workplace that may lead them to feel unsafe at work, and the guidance suggests that these should be addressed, and says that if a psychologist’s workplace is considered to be high risk then they should continue to work from home or be given appropriate personal protective equipment.

Particular things to consider include whether maintaining a two-metre distance from others is physically possible within the workplace, whether there is adequate ventilation, and the hygiene measures that are in place.

The guidance also gives some suggestions on maintaining safe workplaces during Covid-19, such as avoiding the use of shared physical resources, using online tools where possible, and reviewing the use of waiting rooms.


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