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BPS to fund free events for psychology teachers and lecturers

03 April 2019

Events to increase collaboration between teachers and lecturers of psychology in schools and colleges will take place across the UK.

Following a successful application for BPS funding, the Division of Academics, Researchers, and Teachers in Psychology (DART-P) has announced four free events that will help increase understanding between psychology teachers and lecturers in schools, colleges and higher education.

The events will provide opportunities to discuss issues which affect both sectors and may impact on students’ transition between schools, colleges and university.

Chair-Elect of DART-P, Helen Kitching, said: “I’m delighted to announce these free events to provide teachers and lecturers with a much-needed chance to network, discuss and collaborate on how to best support our students through their psychology education. At the moment there are few opportunities for teachers and lecturers from higher education to sit down and discuss issues which affect them both and impact on students’ transition between schools/colleges.” 

Details of the four funded Transitions Event for Psychology Teachers/Lecturers in Schools, HE and FE are below. The events, supported by the BPS Standing Committee on Pre Tertiary Education and DATR-P, are free to attend but please register your attendance. 



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