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BPS comments on £70m mental health funding announcement

30 September 2019

The British Psychological Society welcomes the government’s investment of £70 million to pilot a new approach to mental health treatment, announced at the Conservative party conference this weekend.

The scheme will offer support with housing and employment as part of the new approach, issues which we know are closely linked to maintaining good psychological health.

However, the BPS is concerned that there is a lack of detail around the 1,000 new staff which are needed across the 12 pilot areas, and an absence of similar investment targeted at children and young people.

Kathryn Scott, Director of Policy at the BPS who is attending the Conservative party conference, said:

“While we welcome this announcement, this is not the first pledge the government has made which requires a significant workforce expansion, and it’s vital that this is coordinated to ensure that the mental health workforce has the training and the skills that are needed.

“We will be monitoring the progress made in the 12 pilot areas, particularly around the support offered to service users on housing and employment, which is a function of mental health services that we have consistently called for.

“We’re also calling on the government to focus more investment on providing better services for children and young people to prevent issues arising later on in life.”


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