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BPS backs call for curbs on multi-buy promotions

21 August 2019

The Society has backed a call for restrictions on price promotions of food and drink products high in fat, sugar and salt.

We are one of 20 founding members of the Scottish Obesity Alliance to sign a letter to Scotland’s First Minister calling on her to commit to legislation to regulate multi-buy price promotions of such products in this autumn’s Programme for Government.

The letter points out that Scotland has some of the highest incidences of obesity across OECD countries and says:

‘We are bombarded by promotions on food and drink products that contain excessive amounts of calories, fat, sugar and salt.

Multi-buy, temporary price reductions and extra free promotions all alter price perceptions and encourage people to buy a greater number of unhealthy products.’

Signatories of the letter include leading national health charities, medical royal colleges, campaign groups and professional bodies with an interest in health in Scotland.


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