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BPS applauds spotlight on psychological wellbeing of NHS staff and learners

20 February 2019

The British Psychological Society has welcomed Health Education England’s move to highlight the psychological wellbeing of NHS staff and learners.

Launched today, the HEE report from the NHS Staff and Learners’ Mental Wellbeing Commission offers recommendations on the delivery of high quality health care.

It uncovers some of the real challenges that NHS staff and learners face on a daily basis as they experience the emotional labour of ‘life in the raw’. 

The BPS gave evidence to the commission on a number of issues, including our work into the mental wellbeing of psychological practitioners, which has led to a Charter for Wellbeing that calls for more action to support those professionals.     

The BPS particularly welcomes the report’s focus on the need for leadership around staff and learner mental health at the highest level.

BPS chief executive Sarb Bajwa said:

“This report is an important step forward in recognising the psychological needs of people working in a high-stress, target-driven environment like the NHS.  Given the significant numbers of NHS staff citing burn-out as a potential reason for considering leaving their profession, this focus on staff wellbeing is both welcome and long overdue. If the recommendations in this report are followed they will change the lives of many thousands of employees, including more than 20,000 psychological practitioners providing vital services in the NHS.

We were particularly pleased to see a focus on creating a more psychologically healthy workplace for trainees and practitioners in the NHS.  For many practitioners who work in mental health, feeling supported and encouraged to speak up if they need help themselves is vital to ensure their own mental health and wellbeing.”

The BPS and its members are developing and delivering a number of initiatives to support the mental health and wellbeing of psychological practitioners.


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