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Access free resources on young refugees and traumatic stress

27 June 2018

With the plight of child refugees in the world’s headlines, the editors of the Journal of Traumatic Stress (JTS) have put together a topical virtual special issue.

The papers can all be accessed without any charge. JTS is published by Wiley-Blackwell, the Society's own journal publishing partners.

Patricia K. Kerig, the journal’s editor in chief, says in her introduction:

This Virtual Special Issue brings together a collection of articles published in JTS with relevance to the theme of refugee children and their parents, including research on the mental health needs, techniques for assessment, and effective interventions for refugee families.

Also included are articles that speak more generally to the overarching issues of the traumatic effects of separation and loss on families, the crucial role of secure attachment in children faced with stress and dislocation, and the importance of parental mental health and care in helping children to be resilient in the face of trauma.

In addition, included is recent work on the secondary traumatic stress experienced by the mental health workers who provide psychological care to the asylum seekers and refugee victims of violence.

Click here to access the  virtual special issue of the Journal of Traumatic Stress


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