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2020 Technical Support in Psychological Research and Teaching Awards

29 June 2020

The BPS in collaboration with The Association of Technical Staff in Psychology (ATSiP), have announced the winners of the 2020 Research Award and Teaching Award, which recognise excellence for researchers and teachers in psychology.

Dr Shan Shen at The University of Reading shares the 2020 Research Award with a team of technicians from the University of Lincoln, including Ferenc Igali, Todd Parsons, Foivos Vantzos, Charlotte Cartledge and Andrew Irvine.

The Teaching Award goes to Joe Rennie Taylor and Martina Sladekova from The University of Brighton.

With a wealth of skills, knowledge, and expertise between them this year's recipients' work is an asset to psychology.

From summer scientist projects with young people to innovative MRI scanning, and eye-tracking technology, their invaluable input into departmental support has made the winners stand out as exemplary.


Top left: Dr Shan Shen, The University of Reading

Top right: team from The University of Lincoln.

Bottom left: Martina Sladekova, The University of Brighton.

Bottom right: Joe Rennie Taylor, The University of Brighton.


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