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“I am because we are”: Our fourth community psychology festival seeks contributions

05 June 2018

The fourth annual community psychology festival will take place in Hertford on 23 and 24 September 2018.

The organisers, Lizette Nolte from the University of Hertfordshire and Maria Qureshi, say:

“In line with the key values of community psychology, we wish the festival to take place in the spirit of Ubuntu – ‘I am because we are’. We are working to organise a festival that will be an inclusive, accessible and diverse community event and that has at its heart social justice and inclusion.”

The festival is jointly hosted by University of Hertfordshire and the British Psychological Society.

Contributions are invited that fit one of the event’s four streams:

Power: contributions that address how community psychology can be an agent of change in dismantling systems of power, decolonising psychological practices, and how collective action and activism can promote our humanity through interconnectedness.

Play: contributions that draw on creative processes through art, imagery, poetry, and performance in community psychology practices.

Work: contributions that address how community psychology can be taught or embedded in mainstream practices, and made visible within established systems.

Sustain: contributions that address on nature-based interventions, eco-psychology practices and the role community psychology can play in creating a sustainable, eco-friendly environment, that contribute to the preservation of the natural world and how psychologists can work alongside environmental activists.

Click here for further details of the Community Psychology Festival, including a submission form.


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