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This section of the site contains information about how to apply to be included on one of the society's registers or directories.

To find out more please select one of the relevant tabs below.

We’re currently processing a high volume of new applications for people joining the BPS, plus helping our existing members who would like to join our various networks and registers. We currently estimate that it will take approximately eight weeks to process your application.

The directories currently available are:

The Directory of Chartered Psychologists

The Directory of Chartered Psychologists enables Chartered Members to advertise their services to members of the public.

The Directory of Expert Witnesses

The Directory of Expert Witnesses allows Chartered Members to also advertise their services in this capacity for legal work and proceedings.

The Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy (ROPSIP)

ROPSIP is a register for psychologists working within the field of psychotherapy, allowing them to highlight their experience and to make themselves available to clients via the register.

The Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS)

RAPPS allows supervisors to make themselves available to trainees for supervision, and for trainees to have a means of identifying and locating a supervisor.

The Register of Coaching Psychologists

The Register of Coaching Psychologists provides recognition for Coaching Psychologists, allowing them to differentiate their services and gain acknowledgement of their expertise.

The Wider Psychological Workforce Register

The Wider Psychological Workforce Register is a voluntary register for individual practitioners working as part of the psychological workforce in a role that is not regulated by law. The register enables psychological practitioner to gain recognition of their knowledge, skills and competence to practise in their role and shows commitment to their area of practice.

The Gender Diversity Specialist Register (GDSR)

The GDSR has been designed to ensure that psychologists who are registered as experts in this field possess all the requisite knowledge and understanding to practice.

The List of External/VNC Examiners

This is a searchable list for members who have expressed an interest in providing services as an external and/or viva examiner for academic purposes.

The Directory of Voluntary Careers Speakers (DVCS)

The DVCS lists Society members who are happy to give careers talks to schools and other institutions.

The Special Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists (SRCN)

The SRCN recognises and validates the expertise, skills and experience of clinicians practising in neuropsychology.

Directory of Aviation and Aerospace Psychologists

This directory allows the aviation industry to find potential consultants to assist with their aviation or aerospace psychology needs.

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