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Resources and Benefits

Here you'll find useful links and information about the variety of benefits and resources available to BPS members.

The BPS hosts over 100 events annually, providing the perfect opportunity for you to begin building a network of colleagues and contacts.

  • Why not join over 7,000 other delegates, all from a wide range of specialisms, who attend and enjoy our full range of events?

  • Our geographical branches exist to help you meet and exchange ideas with others in your local area.

  • Joining one of our Member Networks is a key way to further your professional interests by sharing your knowledge with your colleagues, or by learning more about our support groups for undergraduates, postgraduates, and trainees.

By joining and accessing the variety of DivisionsSections, and Groups avilable you will be able to acquire additional knowledge, information, support, and benefits related to your specific area(s) of interest and stay up to date with developments within your specific field(s).

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