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West Midlands Branch

The West Midlands Branch of the BPS represents over 4000 members and covers a large geographical area.

To get in touch with the West Midlands branch please email [email protected] or contact the chair Lawrence Moulin on [email protected] 

I’d like to welcome you to the West Midlands BPS Branch.  

We have around 6,500 members and cover an area from Stoke on Trent in the North to Swindon and Oxford in the South, from Hereford in the West to Coventry in the East.

We are proud to represent what we like to think of as the most culturally mixed, exciting and vibrant part of the country, a place where no matter what your background, your race, religion, culture, your sex or sexuality psychology has a place for you.

At its simplest the West Midlands BPS Branch exists to bring our members together across the region, making the branch a natural home for all the psychologists here.

  • We will engage with and enthuse undergraduates and new psychologists, challenging the lack of diversity and inclusion, and work to bring everyone into the Psychology family
  • We will focus work on common cross cutting themes important for all psychologists in the West Midlands, such the lack of representativeness in psychology and the climate crisis. 
  • We aim to bring professional psychologists together to provide ‘bridges of professional expertise’ for the sharing skills and knowledge

We are keen on collaboration, working with the West Midlands Division of Clinical Psychology, and our neighbouring East Midlands and South West BPS Branches.  We also work with the Midlands Psychological Professions Network, Birmingham City Council, and the NHS Integrated Care Systems. 

We run the annual conference jointly with our excellent colleagues in the East Midlands, each Branch taking it in turns to lead the organisation and hosting of the event.  We have an Annual General Meeting usually as part of the this conference.  

Our branch committee meets every 8 weeks, and we have two subcommittees, one leading on communication and one on events.

How can I contribute to the West Mids. Branch?

We are really keen to work with psychologists across our area.

Do let us know if you want to establish a local hub, or join one of our working groups.

In particular, we are looking for:

  • Contributions for our newsletter - articles, photographs, event or book reviews etc
  • Event updates - what’s going on in your local area? Do you have any suggestions?
  • Website updates - let us know if you would like to share information with others

To contact the chair please email [email protected]

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