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Welsh Branch

At present the Welsh Branch has some 1600 members who are distributed widely across Wales, with main groupings around the major towns and cities, and a committee which includes representatives from across the country.

Every year we organise an Annual Student Conference, usually in mid-to-late April, whose themes are purposefully broad-ranging so as to attract as many delegates as possible.

We also hold a number of Scientific Meetings throughout the year. Please check the Events tab for information on future events and scientific talks of interest. 

The Welsh Branch sees the support of members as one of its central functions. We are therefore very keen to help members organise and advertise seminars and conferences in Wales, and we can also - within certain limits - help to subsidise such meetings from our funds.

In addition, we also distribute annual awards and prizes to students from Welsh universities every year. See the Awards and Funding tab for more information on these.

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