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Special Group for Independent Practitioners

Welcome to the Special Group of Independent Practitioners page.

Whether you are an existing member, thinking about joining our group or interested in one of our events, we hope you find what you are looking for.

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The term Psychologist in Independent Practice encompasses all Chartered and, where appropriate, HCPC registered members of the British Psychological Society (BPS) who:
Provide psychological services across the full range of applied psychology.

  • Work in any context of practice (individual, couple, family, small group, service/team or organisational).
  • Operate under one of the following legal business entities: i) Self-employed, ii) employed as a Director of their own limited company, iii) a Business Partner, or iv) a member of a Cooperative through which they provide their psychological services as their main form of employment or part of a portfolio career.
  • Follow the BPS Code of Conduct and Practice Guidelines, and the HCPC Code of Conduct when required.

The demands of working in and managing an independent psychology practice are essentially different from those of being employed by an organisation, posing specific challenges with respect to organisational aspects of practice (including financial and legal aspects); the maintenance of professional standards of competence and particular ethical dilemmas; there can also be a sense of isolation from professional colleagues and practice can at times be especially challenging as well as lonely.

N.B. The term ‘independent practice’ (rather than ‘private practice) is used by the SGIP to reflect the broad and diverse contexts in which our members practice.

Purpose, values, and aims

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