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SGCP Peer Practice Groups

Our SGCP Peer Practice Groups in Coaching Psychology bring our members together to share information and ideas, and support each other in the appropriate use of psychology in coaching. We aim to develop a network of active Peer Practice Groups across the UK, to support SGCP members with learning, networking, professional development and supervision.

This initiative is open to all SGCP members, some of whom may not have a formal psychology background (i.e. do not have the Graduate Membership status that is recognised by the BPS).

However, we would expect that all participants would draw on and/or be interested in developing psychological underpinnings in their coaching practice.

There are five Peer Practice groups that are active and you can find a list of these below. These are typically small with 20 or so members on the local list and 6-10 attending each meeting. If you would like to join one of the existing groups please email [email protected]

Additional groups are needed in all parts of the UK to give all our members local access to professional development in the company of other SGCP members and we invite members to help expand the PPG network by opening new groups in the following locations:

•    Belfast
•    Birmingham
•    Brighton
•    Cambridge
•    Cardiff
•    Dublin
•    Edinburgh
•    East Midlands
•    Kent
•    Manchester
•    Newcastle
•    Portsmouth
•    Sheffield
•    Southampton
•    York
We will support members who wish to open PPGs in all locations convenient to them. If you would like to join or to host a group in one of the above, or any other location, please contact us to express your interest here by clicking here and completing our short survey.

If you are in a UK location remote from other SGCP colleagues, or overseas, you also have the option of joining an online PPG. Please contact us to express interest by clicking here and completing our short survey.

If you would like more information on hosting a group, please email Tony Page, Peer Practice Group Coordinator via [email protected] to discuss the SGCP support that we can provide to get you up and running.  

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