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Special Group in Coaching Psychology

The Special Group in Coaching Psychology supports coaching psychologists, coaches, individual clients and organisations who are interested in learning more about coaching psychology and coaching services by providing them with a means of sharing research as well as practical experiences that relate to the psychology of coaching.

For questions on Training or Professional Standards email [email protected]

For any other queries regarding the SGCP contact [email protected]


At the recent BPS Annual General meeting the membership voted in favour of changing the status of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology to a Division within the society. Following this decision, we are now working on how existing Special Group members will transition to the relevant new Division Grades, and how new members can join.

You will be able to apply to the new Division Grades from November 2021. If you join the Special Group now, you will be transitioned to the relevant Grade in November. Details of howto join are below.

Please note the current fees are under review and may be subject to change.

If you have any queries concerning membership or the new Division please email [email protected] and our Customer Support Team will get back to you.


The Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP)  is open to members of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

There are two grades of special group membership:

  • Full membership

    For Graduate or Chartered Members.

  • Affiliate membership

    For society members with a general or professional interest in Coaching Psychology not eligible for the above membership grade(s).

If you wish to join the Special Group and you are already a member of the BPS, send an email to [email protected] giving these details:

  • Name
  • BPS Membership Number
  • I would like to join the Special Group In Coaching Psychology
  • Grade of Member Network membership you are applying for

Your BPS membership record will be updated and payment taken as per your current payment arrangements.

To obtain your BPS membership number, you can join the BPS using the “join us” link at the foot of this page.


Full Member


Affiliate Member


Benefits of Belonging

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