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South West of England Branch

Welcome to the South West of England Branch of the British Psychological Society (inclusive of the Channel Islands).

Our aim is to create a lively, informative and supportive network of Psychologists to bring Psychology to all our members (students, academics, practitioners) and the wider public.


The branch has established a career coaching and mentoring community (see events page for our regular networking events).

The first phase of our work began in April with experienced mentors offering one to one career coaching and mentoring sessions (up to three sessions of 60 minutes). This work is currently being provided online and will be carefully evaluated to tailor an approach suited to member needs. The first cohort are finding the sessions immensely useful and will be involved in developing our next steps.

Phase two will involve training new mentors who will support the next cohort of mentees. All mentor development will be sustained by individual mentor coaching (supervision). We are exploring offering a range of coaching and mentoring sessions (one-to-one, spot mentoring and group mentoring).

Our second cohort of mentees are now receiving their career coaching and mentoring sessions (two one-to-one sessions of 60 minutes followed by a group session). We will begin our mentor training and coaching in October 2021.

What is in it for me?

Opportunity to be part of a leading-edge psychological theory and practice approach that mixes mentoring and coaching in our support to our mentees, so final outcomes are more meaningful to the mentee;

Support to our mentors with training and ongoing development through our mentor coaching (supervision) offer. Given that Mentoring Supervision is not as widely implemented in organisations this is an opportunity to broaden your skills and experience outside the workplace;

To be involved in a mentoring and coaching community seeking to enable all psychologists and trainees to reach their potential;

Being involved in the grassroots development of the Society’s the BPS Mentoring Programme to inform the way forward and feedback lessons learned to the wider Steering group.

Comment from James Goodwin BPS Careers Manager: 
'Coaching and mentoring can make a significant impact upon an individual’s career development. The Career Coaching and Mentoring Community established by the South West Branch is an evidence-based example of practise that the careers team within the BPS are keen to encourage members to engage with.'

What next:

Get involved in our community by coming to a networking event or contact us directly.

We are looking for mentors and mentees to be involved in development, training, and delivery – please get in touch to talk to us more

Additional careers resources

The society provides resources and information to help further your career in psychology on its Become a Psychologist page.

The information on offer includes details and advice about:

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