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Psychology of Women and Equalities Section

The Psychology of Women and Equalities Section (POWES) works within the BPS to highlight issues of gender and inequality in academic and applied psychology in order to positively influence policy and practice.


Chair Abigail Locke
Chair Elect Rose Capdevila
Past Chair assisting with Awards/nominations/prizes and funding Bridgette Rickett
Honorary Treasurer Kirsty Budds
Honorary Secretary Katie Milnes

Appointed Member - Shadowing Conference Organiser

Appointed Member - Awards, Nominations, Prizes and Funding Officers

Charlotte Dann

Maxine Woolhouse

Appointed member - Events  team

Appointed Member - Communications team

Press officer and shadowing Secretary

Katherine Hubbard

Lois Donnelly

Rosemary Lobban

Communications Team (Facebook) Marcia Worrell
Conference Organiser and Events Team Jessica Drakett (Lowndes)
POWER Editor Hannah Frith
POWES Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prize Co-ordinator and Events Team Glen Jankowski
Appointed member Communications team Hannah Intezar

PsyPAG Representative

Research Board Representative

Farah Elahi

Rose Capdevila

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