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Psychology of Women and Equalities Section

The Psychology of Women and Equalities Section (POWES) works within the BPS to highlight issues of gender and inequality in academic and applied psychology in order to positively influence policy and practice.

The primary purpose of the section is to promote the psychology of women in academic and professional domains and to inform the public and the discipline about psychological, social, and economic problems of women and minority groups.

Originally founded in 1988 as The Psychology of Women Section, the modern version of POWES works to encourage psychological research which challenges negative assumptions about minority groups and which challenges processes of exclusion, marginalisation and oppression in fields of study and practice, while also maintaining a strong inter-disciplinary focus, seeking to work and build inclusive alliances across disciplines.

The main aims of the Psychology of Women and Equalities Section are:

  • to address gender issues and inequalities in the psychology curriculum
  • to facilitate and develop feminist and emancipatory research, theory and practice
  • to influence public policy in areas such as equal rights, parenting, and employment.
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