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Political Psychology Section

The purpose of this section is to promote Political Psychology in the UK and globally, enabling and empowering citizens with the political skills to meaningfully shape policy, practice and their worlds.

While political events continue to astound, there has never been a more critical time to further our understanding of how political processes interact with psychological thoughts, feelings and behaviours at all levels.

It is arguably our most pressing need and Political Psychology is about doing exactly this. 

Whether you’re interested in everyday politics in your workplace, community or your home, or indeed in party politics, then this new section aims to reach out to all BPS members, including practitioners, academics and students, in order to promote the exchange ideas, to foster research and collaboration, and to share events with like-minded organisations, such as the UK’s Political Studies Association with whom we have already developed a fruitful relationship. 

It is hoped that through the section we can give Political Psychology a basis for critical reflection and a ‘home’ for discussion appealing to all within our discipline. While there has been an International Society for Political Psychology for over 40 years, there has been no national equivalent within the BPS until now.  

We aim to facilitate a range of activities and interests for all BPS members, for whom political issues in psychological and other work are of daily importance.

Political psychology is not just about those we recognise as ‘politicians’, but also about the politicians we don’t always recognise – all of us.

We do hope you’ll join.

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