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East of England Branch

The BPS East of England Branch currently has over three thousand members working in a wealth of different disciplines and specialties.

Our aim is to support and deliver the strategic goals of the BPS within the East of England.

These strategic goals are:

  1. Attract new members and broaden our membership:

    We will help BPS to build a wide audience, in particular, we will encourage psychology students to join the BPS and non-psychologists as subscribers/associate members to benefit from what the BPS can offer.

  2. Develop our organisation to support change:

    We will ensure there are equal opportunities for all our members to be active within the Branch, and provide a trusted and ethical meeting point to all members to celebrate equality and diversity, and engagement with students, psychological service users, and the public in general.

  3. Develop the psychological knowledge and professional skills of our members:

    We will provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events and further opportunities.

  4. Increase the visibility of psychology and raise public awareness of its contribution to society:

    We will help members to reach out to wider audiences to promote the value of psychological research and practice across the region.

  5. Maximise the impact of psychology on public policy:

    We will strengthen relationships with regional organisations to help achieve our aims of increasing the impact of psychological knowledge and practice.

  6. Promote advancements in psychological knowledge and practice:

    We will give members the opportunity to share their expertise; support enhanced access to professional development; and encourage new developments in psychological science, education and practice across the region. We will provide an intellectual platform for psychologists, both academic and practitioner, to engage with each other, to share ideas and exchange psychological knowledge.

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