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Division of Health Psychology

The goal of health psychology is to study the psychological processes underlying health, illness and health care, and to apply these findings to the promotion and maintenance of health, the analysis and improvement of the health care system and health policy formation, the prevention of illness and disability, and the enhancement of outcomes for those who are ill or disabled. 



[email protected]

Lucie Byrne-Davis

Chair Elect

[email protected] 


Deputy (Past Chair)

[email protected]

Angel Chater

Honorary Treasurer

[email protected]

Shilpa Patel 

Harbinder Sandhu

Honorary Secretary

[email protected]

Amy Baraniak

Communications Lead

[email protected]

Tracy Epton

Conference Lead

[email protected] 

Atiya Kamal

Education and Training Lead

[email protected]

Niall Anderson

Policy Lead

[email protected] 

Emily McBride

Practice Lead

[email protected]

Eleanor BullEleanor BullEleanor Bull

Research Lead

[email protected]

Rhiannon Phillips

Trainee Lead

[email protected] 

Abigail Moffatt

Lauren Rockliffe 

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer

[email protected]   

Aimee AubeeluckAimee AubeeluckAimee AubeeluckAimee Aubeeluck

Jan Smith 

Health Psychology Champion

[email protected] 

Ellie Whittaker
DHP Northern Ireland Chair Laura McGowan

DHP Scotland Chair

[email protected]

Gozde Ozakinci
DHP Wales   
Scientific Conference Standing Committee (SCSC) Chair

Richard Cooke

Health Psychology Qualifications Board (HPQB) Representative James Byron-Daniel

HPU Editor

[email protected]

Sarah Snuggs


PsyPAG Representative Lauren Rockliffe

Public Engagement 

[email protected]

Julie Hedayioglu
Research Board Representative Rhiannon Phillips
Training Committee Representative Elizabeth Simpson
EHPS UK National Delegate Representative Sue Sherman
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