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The Division of Counselling Psychology promotes the interests of Counselling Psychologists across the UK.


On this page you'll find news, updates, and blog articles specifically relevant to the work and interests of the Division of Counselling Psychology.

DCoP Environmental and Climate Crisis contributions

As members of the Division will have seen in the media recently, The Grantham Institute/Imperial College recently published an important document: The impact of climate change on mental health and emotional wellbeing: Current evidence and implications for policy and practice’. (Grantham Institute, Briefing paper No 36). This document helpfully collates insight into the clear and direct ways that climate change negatively affects mental health, both directly and indirectly, in the short, medium and longer term too. It helps us recognise that while this is the case for all of us, it is particularly a factor for marginalised and vulnerable groups in particular.

The Society asked the Division to comment on the document in a timely fashion and we were delighted to contribute to the response which went live on May 27th. This was just a couple of days after it made the headlines.

It is great to see that the Society can contribute to important issues in a timely way - and that counselling psychology's view is recognised.

As the report notes there is more to do, and counselling psychologists interested in this area can look forward to the climate change stream at this years DCoP Conference

The Division is also formalising its workstream related to the Environmental and Climate crisis and would be pleased to receive Statements of Interest from colleagues willing to join the workstream. please see below for further details.  

Call for Statement of Interests

Division of Counselling Psychology Environmental and Climate Crisis (DCoP ECC) Workstream


The Division of Counselling Psychology is establishing a small working group to develop and support the development of DCoP members’ personal, professional, scientific and social justice interests in relation to counselling psychology and the environmental and climate crisis


The working group aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, development and sharing of knowledge about the environmental and climate crisis within the Division, when contributing to the BPS Steering Group and with other interested bodies.

Terms of Reference 


We are calling for statements of interest to be submitted from counselling psychologists with  professional or research interest s in the area (qualified and registered on accredited training routes in counselling psychology) who are able to offer both time, interest and expertise in the area. If you would like to contribute, please submit a statement of interest (SOI). Please do think about volunteering for this important work.

Prof. Martin Milton, DCoP ECC Workstream Lead


Division of Counselling Psychology Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) Workstream 


We are currently in the process of establishing the DVA Workstream within the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology. If you meet the person specification outlined below we would like to hear from you.


The main aims of this workstream are as follows.

  • To provide a forum for members working within the field of DVA through which they can exchange ideas and share knowledge.
  • To help members further their professional and scientific interests within the area of DVA
  • To support the specialised scientific interests of members working within the area of DVA
  • To promote both practice-based research and research-based practice within the area of DVA including the intersections between gender, sexual violence, intimate partner abuse, ethnic identity, parenting, trauma, mental health and DVA.

Person Specification

Counselling Psychologists who have a special interest in DVA, and are currently working within this area (a minimum of 2 years).

Terms of Reference 


Please submit your statement of interest before 5pm on Thursday 10 June 2021.

Dr. Mou Sultana, DCoP DVA workstream Lead 

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