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Division of Clinical Psychology

The Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) exists to promote the professional interests of Clinical Psychologists across the UK.

The DCP works closely with a number of organisations including the NHS, the government, and multiple professional bodies and groups in the voluntary sector, to promote and develop clinical psychology as a body of knowledge and skills.

For any queries regarding the work of the Division of Clinical Psychology please contact the Member Networks Team

Physical Health

There are many clinical psychologists working in the field of physical healthcare in both direct patient care and staff/team support.

We have several Faculties covering some of these areas, e.g.:

  • Clinical Health Psychology
  • Paediatric Psychology Network within Children, Young People and their Families
  • HIV and Sexual Health
  • Oncology and Palliative Care

There has been an increase in posts in physical health during the pandemic and we have are aware that there are issues around governance and other matters across this field of work.

As a result, the Workforce and Training Subcommittee has set up a Task and Finish Group to scope out what is needed and work with other key groups in the BPS and NHSE.

This Group has met twice and we will be posting more information over time.


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