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Division of Academics, Researchers, and Teachers in Psychology

The Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DARTP) promotes the professional interests of psychologists who teach and/or conduct research, whether in a university, school, college or any other academic environment.

For any queries regarding the work of the Division of Academics, Researchers, and Teachers in Psychology please contact the Member Networks Team

Teacher's toolkit

We’ve teamed up with the Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP) to create a free toolkit to support your teaching.

Give your students the best introduction to the subject with resources that cover the field of psychology specially created by psychologists.

This term’s free downloads are about investigations and include:

For an investigation activity take a look at the Practice Investigation from the September 2020 resources.

We would like to thank SCoPTE for the initial proposal and their contribution in getting this initiative off the ground.

Previous teaching resources

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