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DCP Faculty of Psychosis and Complex Mental Health

The Faculty of Psychosis and Complex Mental Health exists to promote the principles of recovery and social inclusion for people who experience hallucinations or altered states of mind, hold unusual beliefs, or have difficulty thinking clearly.


Co-Chair Linda Wilkinson
Co-Chair Elect Vacant
Past Chair Vacant
Honorary Treasurer Stuart Mitchell
Honorary Secretary (also Communications/Web Editor) Martin Horler
Assertive Outreach Lead Vacant
Co-Chair Acute/Crisis Network Lead Vacant
Co-Chair CMHT Lead Rachael Wood
Co- Chair Family Interventions Lead

Joanna Allen

Steven Livingstone

Co-Chair Rehabilitation and Recovery Lead

Kate Oldfield

Sonia Burrows

Co-Early Intervention Lead

Claire Seddon

Tina Perry

Committee Member Nicola Gawn
Co-North East Branch Lead

Glenn Scott

Sonia Pace

Co-Personality and Complex Trauma Network Lead Stuart Mitchell
Co-Research Lead Katherine Newman Taylor
Communication Lead Vacant
Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity Lead Naureen Whittinger
Media Lead Stuart Wholmsley
Workforce Development Lead Vacant
Northern Ireland Representative Adrian (Joseph) Boyd
Pre-Qualifications Representative Vacant
Scotland Representative Ian Mark Kevan
Service User and Carer Liaison Committee (SUCLC) Representatives

Sheena Foster

Simon Mudie

Wales Representatives

Elanor Maybury

Lee Priday

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