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DCP Faculty of Perinatal Psychology

The Faculty of Perinatal Psychology was inaugurated as a special interest group in 2006 and became a Faculty in 2008.


  • To advise and respond on both a local and national level to the development of policy impacting upon our client group. 
  • To liaise with other professional groups and service user groups who share an interest in perinatal care of women and their families.
  • To provide a forum for sharing advice on setting up, promoting or protecting psychology provision within perinatal services.
  • To provide a forum primarily for Clinical Psychologists working with women who are pregnant, in labour, or in the postnatal period, and to their partners, children and extended family where appropriate.
  • To provide support for this group of professional colleagues who span specialities (e.g. Health Psychology, Mental Health) and client groups (e.g. Adult, Child) in order to promote and develop psychological services within services concerned with the perinatal period.
  • To promote Perinatal Psychology, via links with regional training schemes, and liaison with other relevant academic and professional bodies. 
  • To support the expansion of a knowledge base in Perinatal Psychology via training, research, and sharing examples of best practice.
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