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DCP Faculty for People With Intellectual Disabilities

The Faculty for People With Intellectual Disabilities is part of the Division of Clinical Psychology.

We currently have over 400 members throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To contact the FPID please email the Member Networks Team

The Faculty for People With Intellectual Disabilities provides a forum for Clinical Psychologists with an interest in work with people with learning disabilities.

We have two main strategic roles:

  • Ensuring that national and local developments take account of the psychological needs of people with learning disabilities, and that clinical psychologists are in a position to influence services. We achieve some of this by responding to various consultations and preparing guidance on best practice.
  • Influencing and responding to issues that impact on psychology as a whole, and ensuring that people with learning disabilities benefit from these agendas. This will include addressing the DCP strategic objectives.

Our aims are to...

  • Act as a focal point for consultation on all matters, which relate to users' psychological well being for the Society, Division and all relevant organisations.
  • Encourage and promote the professional work and development of clinical psychologists within this field.
  • Foster effective psychological services and practices for people with learning disabilities and their families or carers, which respect their rights, enhance their status and promote a positive image.
  • Promote awareness of current research, issues within the field and models of clinical practice at all levels of service provision, as well as within the profession, through conferences accessible to psychologists and others of all levels of experience.
  • Use and disseminate psychological information, knowledge and skills to promote good practice at all levels, with users, carers, providers and commissioners.

What We Do:

The Faculty is involved in a range of activities. These include:

  • Liaising with other agencies and professional groups
  • Organising conferences and training events
  • Producing a quarterly Newsletter for our members
  • Producing briefing papers and policy documents
  • Providing feedback on policy documents that have been issued for consultation by the Department of Health and other organisations
  • Supporting regional groups of clinical psychologists who work with people with learning disabilities
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