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DCP Faculty of Leadership and Management

The Faculty was established in 2002 and currently has over 450 members working in the NHS and independent health and social care agencies.

Clinical Psychologists as Leaders

The Clinical Psychologists as Leaders (CPL) Programme brings together a variety of work streams aimed at supporting the leadership development of clinical psychologists, including the former CPFL project, and the DCP mentoring scheme.

It aims to support leaders across the career span. The two main components of CPL are:

  • Leadership development through the DCP Mentoring Scheme
  • Leadership training and supporting leadership development through workshops, specialist groups and local networks.

See more on Leadership Development - Current Position (2018)

The aim of the programme is to provide a centralised portal for all DCP Members, across their career span, through which they can access a range of leadership development opportunities including mentoring.

What’s available to me through CPL right now? 

  • Mentoring from DCP colleagues 
  • Self-directed learning activities 
  • List of upcoming BPS and Faculty events related to leadership 
  • Reading materials and webpages 
  • Links to NHS-specific leadership resources, including courses on leadership and development relevant to clinical psychologists

Leadership Training

A number of training events have been organised by the faculty over the years to support leaders in areas such as compassionate leadership, service models, commissioning and workforce planning.

We are currently working on developing a position statement alongside options for leadership training within the BPS. Initial scoping work has been taken to look into what is on offer during training and post qualification.

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