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DCP Faculty of Leadership and Management

The Faculty was established in 2002 and currently has over 450 members working in the NHS and independent health and social care agencies.

Membership is open to any member of the DCP who has an interest in management, leadership and service delivery issues.

Associate non-voting membership is also open to members of other BPS member networks. See the joining and benefits tab above for more details of how to join the faculty.

The faculty hosts a successful and very active email discussion forum, holds conferences and meetings and prepares responses to consultations.

The faculty committee is elected by its membership at the AGM, usually held during the annual conference.

Faculty Aims:

  • To create a national virtual network and bulletin board allowing for fast and free access to shared information and views.
  • To offer support, guidance and information to members through national and regional meetings.
  • To promote at a national, regional and local level management issues and requirements pertaining to the delivery of psychological services.
  • To promote organisational and management issues regarding policy planning at a national level in line with the Division of Clinical Psychology's policies.
  • To support leadership development through networking and CPD events.
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