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DCP Faculty of Holistic Psychology

The Faculty of Holistic Psychology was granted official status in 2004 and has since gone on to engage with and inform its members about holistic approaches that may be of interest to psychologists.

The aims of the Faculty are to: 

  • Foster its development, critical evaluation and adoption by practitioners, and
  • Increase awareness of an holistic approach within psychology
  • Increase knowledge and understanding in this field.

The Faculty also seeks to apply the accepted models and methodologies of clinical psychology to the psychological aspects of complementary therapies.

We hope that this will help to facilitate the integration of the often fragmented psychological healing methods that exist in other therapeutic fields.

We aim to achieve the above by:

  • Acting as a source of expertise to the DCP concerning matters relating to holistic psychology
  • Influencing the training of clinical psychologists by seeking to promote the inclusion of holistic approaches in postgraduate training courses
  • Liaising with other professional bodies having similar interests
  • Offering support and guidance to practitioners wishing to adopt an holistic approach
  • Promoting and publishing research into holistic therapies and providing peer review for research protocols designed by Faculty members
  • Promoting post-qualification training and the dissemination of information via conferences and meetings at national and regional level
  • The production and circulation of a newsletter in electronic format
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