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DCP Faculty of Forensic Clinical Psychology

The Faculty of Forensic Clinical Psychology (FFCP) was formed to meet the needs of clinical psychologists working in the forensic specialty.


Chair Elinore Percy
Past Chair  
Honorary Treasurer Simon Draycott
Honorary Secretary Felicity Nichols
Committee Members

Alethea Adair-Stantiall

Andrew Newman

Jon Coldwell

Paul Broderick

Gerard Bailes 

Research and Development Officer John Taylor
Child and Adolescent Representative James Patrick Millington
DCP Pre-Qualification Representative Charlotte Foulds
High Secure Services Representative Claire Wilson
Independent Sector Representative Kerry Beckley
Learning Disabilities Representative Vacant
Low Secure/Community Services Representative Geraint Lewis
Medium Secure Services Representative Julie Parker
Newly Qualified Representative Vacant
Police-Siege Representative Gerard Bailes
Probational Representative Vacant
Representative to DFP Martin Fisher
Scottish Representative Sarah Gladden
SUCLC Vacant
Welsh Representative Sarah Kriakous
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