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DCP Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology

The Faculty of Clinical Health Psychology was set up to develop the psychological interest of professionals working in this field, the faculty supports its members by offering access to a wide range of networks to forward the specialist interests of psychologists working with physical health. 


Chair Angela Busuttil and Mark Griffiths
Chair Elect Vacant
Honorary Treasurer Sylvia Puchalska
Honorary Secretary Vacant
Continuing Professional Development Officer and Co-Research Officer Vacant
Co-Research Officer  Michelle Huggins
Committee Members

Claire Elphick

Ian McKenna

Lesley Hitchman

Cardiac Network Representative Vacant
DHP Representative Noelle Robertson
Diabetes Network Representative Daniel Zahl
FPOP Representative  Jane Simpson
GTiCP Representative Noelle Robertson
MUS Network Representative Mark Griffiths 
Obesity Network Representative Ian McKenna
Paediatric HIV Representative Vacant
Peninsular Representative Vacant
Pre-Qualification Representative Anna Bootle
Renal Network Representative Emma Coyne
Scottish Representative Vacant
SIGOPAC Representative Alex King
SMW Wales Representative Beth Parry-Jones
South East Representative Stephanie Jarrett
SUCLC Representative Graham Belchamber
Thames Valley Representative Jane Duff
West England Representative Lesley Hitchman
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