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Cyberpsychology Section

Cyberpsychology is a scientific inter-disciplinary domain that focuses on the psychological phenomena which emerge as a result of the human interaction with digital technology, particularly the Internet.


Forthcoming events

We are contributing to the BPS CPD programme by offering two CPD webinars which are open to members and non-members. These are:


We host a monthly Tweetchat called #CyberSectionChat via our Twitter account

What is #CyberSectionChat?

Established in 2019, #CyberSectionChat is a monthly scheduled chat session which is focused around specified topics and themes, currently organised by the BPS Cyberpsychology Section committee, who allocate a “host(s)” to develop structured Q&As centred on given cyberpsychology topics (e.g., cybersecurity, cyberbullying etc).

Each #CyberSectionChat session is designed to bring together experts as well as stakeholders and enthusiasts in the area to engage in useful discussion around these important issues.

Some of the key objectives of #CyberSectionChat are:

  • To engage and grow the Cyberpsychology community
  • Create a platform for interdisciplinary discussion and debate
  • Support the development of future research and/or industry collaborations
  • Develop a collective sense of community and purpose among supporters
  • Share expertise
  • Support the professional networking capacities of supporters to enable them to connect more widely with relevant users
  • Develop the reputation of the British Psychological Society, as an active and public-facing network, dedicated to supporting individuals and society

How does it work?

#CyberSectionChats will typically follow a format of a Q&A. The host(s) will prepare a series of questions which will be labelled clearly as Q1, Q2 etc. During the event, contributors are encouraged to respond to the questions and share insights, ideas and generate discussion. If you search for our hashtag #CyberSectionChat on Twitter, you should be able to see previous chats to get an idea of how they work.

How can I get involved?

You can find our forthcoming schedule (as well as details of our previous #CyberSectionChat events) here.

We welcome contributions from all enthusiasts during the events, but equally you may prefer to simply observe during the sessions or return to the chat after the event.

Please note: any engagement in #CyberSectionChat should adhere to the usual standards of behaviour outlined by Twitter.

Additionally, it is important that the professional standards outlined by the British Psychological Society are also adhered to. This is particularly important when individuals are communicating in a capacity of intellectual seniority or expertise.

Previous events

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