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Crisis, Disaster and Trauma - Covid-19 Response

In response to the current pandemic the Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section has set up this web page to provide easier access to Covid-19 related resources.

Please email any suggestions to Ed Freeman at [email protected]

Please note: while we aim to provide links to high quality resources inclusion not imply endorsement by the section or the BPS.

Staff support

Now more than ever it is crucial for health care organisations to provide healthy, supportive and compassionate working environments for their staff, in which the wellbeing of health care professionals is fully supported.

All these resources should be read alongside the guide to The Psychological Needs of Healthcare staff as a Result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Recommendations from the Covid-19 Staff Wellbeing Group Guidance

It is important to understand that psychological responses will vary over the course of the outbreak, with different stresses during the PreparationActive and Recovery Phases.

Most organisations will have passed through the Preparation phase. Details below relate to the Active phase. Further links related to the Recovery phase will be added in due course. 

Visible, Compassionate Leadership

Stress, coping, and resilience

Responding to post-traumatic stress in line with evidence-based guidance

Patient and family care

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