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Member Journey Initiative

Each of our members has a different journey through psychology and different experiences have different needs, whether that’s in the support the society gives or the development opportunities we provide.

To stay relevant as a professional body, we need to adapt to the changing landscape and really understand more about the different ways that our members enter a career in psychology.

We want to understand where people’s motivation for entering psychology comes from, and how it changes over time as our members grow from students into qualified professionals.

We also know that lots of people take a psychology degree before taking a different career path, and want to understand why and what we can offer these people as a society.

To do all of this, we’ve launched our Member Journey Initiative.

This will be a period of engagement and discussion with members, ultimately leading to us changing our offering so we can:

  1. Nurture members so that they feel valued, proud and part of a wider community
  2. Foster the discipline to promote and develop best practice, good research and effective learning, and remain relevant to an ever-changing workforce
  3. Grow a diverse membership which includes a broad range of backgrounds, skills and competencies

An external organisation, Social Kinetic, will be leading an in-depth period of research with our members.

They are experts in this field and have worked with high-level professional bodies and government on membership projects.

The principles that they’ll be using include:

  1. Engagement with members to keep you in the loop at every stage
  2. Exploratory research to understand how the society can meet your needs
  3. Investigatory work to understand members’ motivations
  4. Consultation and collaboration to design the future of BPS membership

We’ll be using a wide range of research tools to make sure that we get the quality and depth of data needed.

This will include in-depth interviews, focus groups across the UK, dyad sessions and surveys.

There will also be a new online community launched for discussion about the member journey initiative.

This will make sure that everyone has a voice in the project, and that opportunities for collaborative working are always there.

The research process will mean that we can make tangible improvements to the relevance and value of BPS membership.

We expect this to include segmentation of what materials and benefits you receive based on your journey and member grade.

Grades will be updated to include an offering for people in the new roles which are central to the NHS Long Term Plan.

This includes clinical associate psychologists, psychological wellbeing practitioners, education mental health workers and others.

We also expected to make other amendments to our grades to remove unnecessary barriers to access, including a refresh of our student offering.

Research stage one December 2019 to February 2020
Co-production and design February to March 2020
Consultation on designs April to May 2020
Board of Trustees for approval  June 2020

A special general meeting will then be held in autumn 2020 to give members the chance to vote on the proposals.

We’ll be providing updates throughout the process in the member update, on this page and through our other communication channels.

For further information please email [email protected]

Designing the Future Together: Co-creation Summit

  • 17th Feb: London - 09:30–16:30
  • 20th Feb: Leeds - 09:30-16:30

The Co-creation Summit is the second stage of our Member Journey Initiative and follows a successful series of focus groups, in-depth interviews and the Member Questionnaire.

What will happen on the day?

The BPS is committed to looking at how it supports members and the professions of psychology in the future and the only way we can do that is by engaging with you directly.

Members and non-members (from students to practising psychologists) have been sharing their perceptions and experiences and telling us what they most want and need from BPS in the future and the role we could play in encouraging others to consider psychology as a profession.

We would like to invite members to join the ‘Co-creation Summit’ to:

  1. Explore and discuss the results of our new research recently conducted across the 4 Nations.
  2. Work together on the shortlisted challenges and opportunities identified from the research.
  3. Co-create ideas and solutions for the future, which we will then test, prototype and refine with members between March – May.

The day will be facilitated by The Social Kinetic who have conducted the research and who are working with us on the member journey initiative.

If you would like to attend the summit, please confirm your attendance.

For more information about the day, email [email protected]

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