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We organise events and public engagement activities promoting the rich and varied history of psychology.

Stories of Psychology

Information about our next annual Stories of Psychology day event will be posted here when it becomes available.


Previous Stories of Psychology Events

2019 - Stories of Psychology: Psychology, Society, and the Public

Thursday 7 November 2019, 10am–3.45pm

Friend's House, London


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2018 - The History of Emotions

Tuesday 16 October 2018, 10am–3.45pm

Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, University of London


  • Dr Paul Sullivan (Bradford University) - Welcome and opening remarks

  • Professor Fraser Watts (University of Lincoln) - Emotions: why study their history?

  • Dr Sally Holloway (Oxford Brookes University) - Love and heartbreak: searching for happiness in a 'civilised' society

  • Dr Sarah Chaney (Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary) - Compassion: gender, vocation, and self-sacrifice in nursing

  • Dr Richard Firth-Godbehere (Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary) - Disgust: new emotion, old experience?

  • Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith (Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary) - Schadenfreude: how English-speakers learnt malicious glee

  • Professor Thomas Dixon (Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary) - Anger: from deadly sin to basic emotion

Download the programme for 2018.

2017 - Women in Psychology: From Invisibility to Influence

Thursday 19th October 2017, 10.30am–4.30pm

Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, University of London


  • Professor Elizabeth Valentine (Royal Holloway, University of London) - Early Women Members of the British Psychological Society: Challenges and Achievements

  • Dr Katherine Hubbard (University of Surrey) - The British Projective Test Movement: A Queer Feminist Tale

  • Dr Nick Midgley (Anna Freud Centre) - Anna Freud: An Advocate for Children

  • Professor Jan Burns (Canterbury Christ Church University) - Psychology of Women Section: Power to Change?

  • Professor Dame Vicki Bruce (Newcastle University) - Sense and Serendipity

Download the programme for 2017.

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2016 - With Childhood in Mind

Thursday 6 October 2016

Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, University of London


  • Professor Mathew Thomson (University of Warwick) - Psychology and the Landscape of the Child in 20th-Century Britain: A Story of Lost Freedom?
  • Professor Vasu Reddy (University of Portsmouth) - The Child as a Psychologist? – Shifting Assumptions and Changing Understandings
  • Professor Matthew Smith (University of Strathclyde) - The Nervous and Allergic Child: Psychosomatic Understanding of Allergy in Mid-Century USA
  • Professor Ingrid Lunt (University of Oxford) - The Child’s Place in the World: Evolving Rights and Responsibilities

Plus a presentation of his PhD research by Andrew Burchell (University of Warwick) - Mental health in the ‘blackboard jungle’: Psychology and youth violence in post-war Britain.

2015 - Clinically Applied: Origins of a Profession

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, University of London

Convened by Professor John Hall (Oxford Brookes University)

The topic of this year's symposium was chosen as a curtain raiser for the start of the 50th anniversary year of the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) in 2016. It looks forward to the Golden Anniversary by looking back at the development of clinical psychology as a profession, a history that reaches back beyond the foundation of the DCP in 1966.


  • Emeritus Professor Bill Yule (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London) 
  • Dr Jennifer Clegg (University of Nottingham) 
  • Dr Anne Richardson (formerly of University College London and Department of Health) 
  • Professor Bob Woods (Bangor University) 
  • Dr Saima Lofgren (Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust)

2014 - War and Its Legacy

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, University of London

Convened by Dr Alan Collins (Lancaster University)

This year's symposium is part of the British Psychological Society's planned series of events to mark the centenary of the First World War.


  • Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes (Anglia Ruskin University, and BPS President Elect) - From Myers to the MOD: 99 Years of British Military Psychology

  • Professor Edgar Jones (Institute of Psychiatry) - Shell Shock: The First World War and the Origins of Psychological Medicine

  • Professor Michael Roper (University of Essex) - Growing Up In The Aftermath: Childhood and Family Relationships Between the Wars

  • Professor Sonu Shamdasani (University College London) - C. G. Jung 1914-1918: From the Great War to the War Within

  • Andrea von Hohenthal (University of Freiburg, Germany) - Presentation of initial doctoral research findings on the development of psychology in Britain and Germany during the Great War

Download the programme for 2014.

The HoPC, in conjunction with UCL's Centre for the History of the Psychological Disciplines, organises a number of seminars each year, all of which are free to attend.


  • Monday 11 December - Professor Fernando Vidal (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies and Center for the History of Science, Autonomous University of Barcelona) - Being Brains: Making the Cerebral Subject

  • Monday 27 November- Professor Marco Innamorati (University of Rome) - 'The pope and the unconscious: The speeches of Pius XII on psychotherapy in 1952-1953, Agostino Gemelli's commentary, and psychoanalysis in Italy'

  • Monday 30 October - Dr Martin Liebscher (UCL) - 'C.J. Jung and the Berneuchen Movement: Meditation and Active Imagination in Jungian Psychotherapy and Protestant Spiritual Practice in the 1930s' 

  • Monday 13 November - Alex Woodcock (UCL) - 'The psychologies of utopia and reality: E.H. Carr, 1919–1939' 


  • Monday 9 February - Professor Ivan Crozier (University of Sydney) - Culture-Bound Syndromes as Theory-Bound Objects: koro, boundary working, and transcultural psychiatry

  • Monday 23 February - Sarah Marks (UCL), Communist Psychiatries? - Neurasthenia and Modernization in East Germany and Czechoslovakia

  • Monday 2 March - Dr Beverley Butler (UCL) - From Heritage Syndromes to Refugee Syndromes

  • Monday 20 April - Dr Eric Engstrom (Humboldt University of Berlin) - Pastoral Psychiatry and Irrenseelsorge: Religious Aspects of the Anti-psychiatry Debates in Imperial Germany 

  • Tuesday 16 June 2015 - Professor Mark Micale (University of Illinois) - Toward a Global History of Trauma 

  • Monday 13 July 2015 - Professor Robert Segal (University of Aberdeen) - The Course of Modern Psychoanalysing About Myth

  • Monday 28 September 2015 - Dr Gaia Domenici (UCL) - 'Crush the head of the serpent and it will bite you in the heel': Jung's understanding of Nietzsche's Zarathustra in light of his own Liber Novus

  • Thursday 29 October 2015 - Dr Matthew Smith (University of Strathclyde) - Getting on in Gotham:Preventing mental illness in New York City, 1945-1980


  • Monday 27 January - Dr Heather Wolffram (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) - Hans Gross and the Birth of the Witness

  • Monday 24 March - Dr Mike Jay - Over the Edge: William Sargant and the Battle for the Mind

  • Monday 16 June - Dr Graham Richards (UCL) - Some Psychological Facets of Creationism

  • Monday 30 June - Dr Sarah Chaney (UCL) - 'A Perversion of Self-feeling': The Emergence of Self-harm in Victorian Asylum Psychiatry

  • Monday 21 July - Professor Vincent Barras (University of Lausanne) - Plays between Reason, Language and Gods: The Case of Glossolalia 19th-20th Centuries

  • Monday 22 September - Dr Allan Beveridge (Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline) - Portrait of the Psychiatrist as a Young Man: The Early Writing and Work of RD Laing, 1927-1960

  • Monday 6 October - Professor Roland Littlewood (UCL) - The Advent of the Adversary: Negative Power in Certain Religio-Therapeutic Systems?

  • Monday 10 November - Dr Alan Collins (Lancaster University) - The right kind of remembering: 19th-century popular texts on memory training and the psychology of self-improvement

  • Monday 24 November - Professor Joel Eigen (Franklin & Marshall College, Pennsylvania) - Medical Testimony and the Dynamics of Forensic Diagnosis at the Old Bailey, 1760-1913

  • Monday 1 December - Dr Marcia Holmes (Birkbeck College) - Performing Proficiency: Psychological Experiments on Man-Machine Systems in the United States, 1950-1965


  • Tuesday 22 January - Professor Saulo de Feitas Araujo (Universidade de Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil) - The role of philosophy in Wundtian psychology: Towards a new interpretation of Wundt's psychological project

  • Tuesday 12 March - Dr Hereward Tilton (University of Exeter) - The path of the serpent: Gnosis, alchemy and the esoteric antecedents of analytical psychology

  • Tuesday 19 March - Professor Paul Bishop (University of Glasgow) - The function of the symbol in Goethe, Cassirer, Jung and Klages

  • Friday 17 May - Dr Fabio De Sio (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf) and Dr Chantal Marazia (Europa-Universität Viadrina) - The Psychic Hans effect: Experimental animal psi from Karl Krall to the present

  • Wednesday 5 June - Dr Jelena Martinovic (Institut Universitaire d'Histoire de la Médecine et de la Santé Publique, University of Lausanne) - Psychiatry and near-death (1960-1970)

  • Wednesday 26 June - Dr Craig E. Stephenson (AGAP/CPA/CAPT/IAAP) - The possessions at Loudun: Their significance in the history of the science of mind

  • Monday 11 November - Dr Sushrut Jadhev (UCL) - Seminal matters: Historical erasures and category errors concerning semen regulation

  • Monday 25 November - Dr Andreas Sommer (University of Cambridge) - The last Romantic? Carl du Prel (1839-1899) and the formation of German experimental psychology


  • Monday 30 January - Professor Cristiana Facchinetti (History of Science and Health, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - Psychoanalysis between Modern Brazil and the 'Pindorama Matriarchy’

  • Tuesday 6 March - Dr Egbert Klautke (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies) - The French Reception of Völkerpsychologie and the Origins of the Social Sciences

  • Monday 26 March - Professor Elizabeth Valentine (Royal Holloway) - Spooks and Spoofs: Relations Between Psychical Research and Academic Psychology in Britain in the Inter-war Period

  • Wednesday 9 May - Professor Jeremy Carrette (University of Kent) - 'Is Life Worth Living?' William James, Religion and the Unknown

  • Thursday 17 May - Dr Fernando Vidal (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) - The Brains of Cinema and the Brains of Science

  • Wednesday 6 June - Professor Annette Mülberger (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) - The Dangerous Path of Practical Psychometry

  • Tuesday 6 November - Dr Francis Neary (University of Cambridge) - From Descent to Descent 2: The sources of Charles Darwin's work on animal psychology

  • Wednesday 14 November - Professor Ramón del Castillo (Universdad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Madrid) - Madness and rules: A case for Wittgenstein

  • Wednesday 21 November - Dr Maria Teresa Brancaccio (Maastricht University) - War trauma in France and Italy (1920s-1980s)

  • Tuesday 11 December - Dr Matt Ffytche (University of Essex) - The embryo individual: Early twentieth-century psychodynamic perspectives on the origins of selfhood


  • 26 October 2011 - Dr Martin Liebscher (University College London) - Where Zarathustra Meets the Furor Teutonicus and the Puer Aeternus: C.G. Jung's Reading of Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  • 9 November 2011 - Dr Joanna Moncrieff (University College London) - Magic Bullets for Mental Disorders: The Evolution of Ideas about the Nature of Drug Treatment for Scizophrenia

  • 30 November 2011 - Dr Egbert Klautke (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies) - The Repudiation of Völkerpsychologie in Germany

  • 14 December 2011 - Thibaud Trochu (University of Paris 1, Sorbonne) - Psychological Experimentation in the Nineteenth Century: John Garth Wilkinson (1812-1899), Physician, Mystic and Radical