Help create guidance on ME/CFS

The BPS is looking for volunteers for the guidance on ME/CFS and finish group

We are looking for members of the society to join our Guidance on ME/CFS task and finish group to work together and develop practice guidance for Psychologists.

Members will join a small group who have already been representing the BPS and working with the DHSC on implementing the 2021 NICE guidelines.

We aim to co-produce a good practice guideline for applied psychologists working with people with ME/CFS to support clinicians to provide a good quality service and improve the lives of people with ME/CFS.

We are particularly looking for members who work with children and young people; Occupational Psychologists; Sports & Exercise Psychologists; and people with knowledge of EDI and intersectional issues to broaden the knowledge base of our group.

The society welcomes and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds particularly applications from people with a disability, BAME and LGBT+ who are currently under-represented across the society. 

To apply

The deadline for applications is 10am on 19 June.

Complete application form

If you have any queries, please contact [email protected].