Goals and Ambitions

Four shared pillars have been developed, into which the work of the BPS can be divided.

The four Cs 

Four shared pillars have been developed, into which the work of the BPS can be divided and against which its progress towards the overall strategic vision will be measured: ‘Community, Champion, Confidence, and Cultivate’.


We lift up every member and support them to be the best they can be throughout their entire career  - by offering them the best community, resources and tools that help them to succeed.

This includes:

  • Growing our membership
  • Providing quality CPD and Learning
  • Building pride for our vibrant community
  • Utilising technology to support our connections
  • Career development and support

Success measures:

  • Understand and track engagement between members.
  • Understand satisfaction levels and how members make use of their member benefits.
  • Understand the desire and interest among incoming professionals to be be part of the BPS community.


We are bold, progressive advocates who champion the discipline and the professions  - by holding it to a high standard and developing best practice, we can raise our profile and voice so that more people understand the power of what psychology can do.

This includes:

  • Promoting high standards and maintaining best practices
  • Having a strong and influential voice
  • Leading the way in psychology research, data and analytics
  • Expanding the psychological workforce
  • Advocating the benefits of our professions

Success measures

  • Track and monitor our journal impact scores and sales numbers of BPS books.
  • Monitor the investment we make into research and the impact of the insight gained.
  • Monitor and assess the expansion of the wider psychological workforce and track engagement with our standards


We build confidence and are open to new opportunities and people  - by joining forces, forming alliances, providing strong leadership and getting more people to see psychology as the solution to their needs.

This includes:

  • Expanding our alliances
  • Growing our international footprint
  • Having a strong voice on policy
  • Reclaiming the psychological
  • Building respect

Success measures

  • Understand the efficacy and impact of our campaigns
  • Monitor and track engagement of international members
  • Track an monitor our media mentions and engagements


We cultivate a culture that is diverse, dynamic, high performing and values-led, allowing access for all - by using insights and data to inform and drive us to achieve our purpose.

This includes:

  • Embedding EDI and ensuring access for all
  • Financial stability
  • Being an outstanding employer
  • Ensuring simplicity in the way we work
  • Modern and effective governance

Success measures

  • Benchmark and measure our membership and engagement against the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion benchmarks.
  • Track and monitor the engagement and satisfaction of our people.
  • Monitor the financial health of the society