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Our e-learning courses provide a flexible and convenient learning solution, available for a year from purchase, allowing you to revisit the courses and their resources anytime, anywhere.

The courses put you in charge – you can learn what you want, when you want, in a style that suits you. 

Taking a social approach, the courses encourage you to learn from other learners as well as the expert authors.

As well as being engaging, they are designed to be relevant, and intended to complement your psychology training and support your success in the world of work, covering professional skills, management and business development topics.

Many of our members undertake these courses and we continually review and update the offering based on your feedback.

To find out what courses are currently available, please consult the tabs below.

This series of e-learning modules was developed in response to the Autism Act (2009) and the subsequent strategy for adults with autism, Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives. The autism strategy aims to increase understanding by improving awareness for all frontline public service staff, in line with their job needs, and developing specialist training for staff in health and social care.

These modules won gold in the 2012 e-learning awards for ‘Excellence in the production of learning content’ and have been delivered to over 16,000 learners so far.

Designed for people who want to learn more about autism or professionals who will be working with adults who have autism, these three interactive courses cater for learners who may have no prior knowledge and those who are looking to build on their existing experience.

The first module, ‘Building awareness of adult autism’, offers an introductory explanation of autism and details on what it is like to have autism, as well as information on how you can support someone with autism. 

It is appropriate for anyone who is seeking to learn more about autism and build an awareness of how to support someone with it.

Module two, ‘Supporting adults with autism’, takes a deeper look at how best to support someone with autism and allows a learner to discover what it is like to have autism and how different people with autism see the world.

The final module, ‘Working with adults with autism’, has been designed to support psychological work with adults with autism. This includes psychological assessment, formulation, and treatment, but also covers areas such as training and consultation.

It is targeted at practitioner psychologists and mental health professionals, who already have some understanding of autism, to build on their knowledge and skills for working with adults with autism who are experiencing psychological and mental health problems.

Organisations can now register large groups of learners and monitor their progress.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further information.

Individuals can access these modules using the links below:

If you are an organisation wanting to register a number of learners please click here to download the order form.

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