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Writing a thesis during a pandemic: The DECP Trainee Educational Psychologist Conference 2022

12 January 2022 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fees and registration to be available shortly
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The Division of Educational Psychology is excited to invite you to attend our 2022 TEP Conference to hear from trainee and recently qualified EPs about their various research and thesis journeys despite the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic placed on their research activity.  

We would encourage trainee and recently qualified EPs to submit talk abstracts relating to any or all aspects of their research.

The DECP Trainee conference is an energetic and supportive atmosphere where you can disseminate your work and its implications for professional practice.

For attendees, this will be an exciting opportunity to hear about research journeys, to find out about different methodological approaches, and to learn about the developing research evidence base of the profession.

This conference is a valuable part of the training process and will help many of you to develop your research ideas and gain valuable insights into the thesis study process. 

The conference is a popular and well-attended national training event, that is consistently well evaluated, it will be held online all day on 12th January 2022.  


Submissions are now open for the TEP Annual Conference 2022.

DEALINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Monday 1st November 2021, 10AM

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