Sport Psychology’s ‘X’ factor: Ways to establish, develop and maintain working relationships with athletes

The workshop will provide candidates with the opportunity to challenge professional awareness through reflective practice. An integrated professional framework will be offered to encourage candidates to develop a systematic approach to their reflections. It will assert that sport psychology support is undertaken within a professional relationship context by exploring the role of this relationship between sport psychologist and athlete and consequent impact on athlete support. The professional relationship will be discussed within the broader context of interpersonal relationships and attachment style.

Candidates will be able to bring their individual professional experience and relate this to the information delivered. Thus, candidates will have opportunities to share knowledge and gain broader insights into how to manage the challenges sport psychologists face. Stimulus presentations will be provided to encourage candidates to explore how they develop ‘athlete understanding’ and the consequent decision making associated with the type of interventions delivered.

The sport psychologist-athlete support encounter will be explored within the unique contexts and environments of sport psychology delivery, and there will be opportunities for candidates to appreciate the implications and impact of this on their delivery. Particular focus will be placed on the interpersonal roles and boundaries between sport psychologist and athlete and the associated implications for both athletes and sport psychologists.

Exemplars drawn from experience gained from the Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Summer Paralympic Games, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympic Games will be used, reinforced by insights gained through working as a consultant psychologist to the British Paralympic Association and with other Paralympic, Olympic and Professional sport.

Provisional timetable

09:30 Registration/Tea and Coffee
10:00 Workshop starts (there will be a break for lunch)
16:30 Workshop ends


This workshop is intended for qualified practitioners. It may also be relevant to Stage 2 Candidates who already have experience of a client case-load. The workshop is also suitable for experienced sport psychologists providing an opportunity to review and reflect on their current practise with the opportunity to refresh this.  

Delegates will be provided with some pre-workshop reading and to review existing consulting experience and identify current or past athletes for the candidate to use to apply the stimulus material presented.

Learning outcomes and objectives 

  • Developing a framework for reflective practice
  • The role of the ‘working alliance’ on support delivery
  • Understanding and Formulating athlete needs
  • Determining level of intervention to meet athlete needs
  • An integrated appreciation of case conceptualisation

Facilitator: Dr Jonothan Katz CPsychol AFBPsS

Dr Jonathan Katz is dual chartered in Counselling and Sport and Exercise Psychology. His combined professional experience, derived from applying psychology support in clinical and sport contexts, has developed into a robust integrative approach and delivery style.

Educating, training, mentoring and supervising have been a continual strand within Jonathan’s professional career. This has been undertaken in both group and individual settings, formal and informal training settings, and with colleagues in psychology as well as colleagues in the broader mental health and sporting environments.

Jonathan has gained experience of sport psychology support within elite disability/Paralympic, Olympic and Professional sport. This is complemented by his extensive experience of psychology support provision within clinical settings. Jonathan’s understanding and appreciation of sporting environments is further enhanced through his experience as a competitor and elite fencing coach.

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