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Please note: the AGM will now begin at 17:30 on Monday 10 May.

The central theme of the 2021 Special Group in Coaching Psychology conference theme is Transforming systems through coaching.

This will be split into the following topics:

Personal transformation within a complex world

  • How can coaching psychology support individuals to flourish and thrive?
  • What can we do to manage the impact of an ‘always on’ culture?
  • How can we reduce the effects of burnout, uncertainty or existential dread induced by uncertainty and instability in our current environment?

Systemic Coaching

  • What do we know about systemic coaching approaches?
  • How can systemic coaching support our ability to broaden awareness and facilitate change?
  • What role does systemic coaching play in transformation?
  • What potential does coaching have to support global challenges we are facing?

Team Coaching

  • What is team coaching?
  • How is it best practised?
  • What is the potential for team coaching to facilitate change?
  • What are the challenges for team coaching?
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