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We are hoping this event will encourage discussions regarding the changing landscape of psychotherapy practice and training. 

Martin Pollecoff (Chair UKCP) will explore how the overarching (macro) socio-political changes to the general healthcare landscape such as the way the NHS is moving online and the world of therapy becoming virtual, will shape the future landscape of psychotherapy training, practice and service delivery. 

Professor (MBE) Zenobia Nardishaw will explore how the changing landscape will bear down on middle level (meso) culturally appropriate psychotherapy services delivered to already disenfranchised people, and recommendations to helping professionals. 

The Cassandra Centre will present the (micro) level of grassroots therapy. Cassandra provides community-based therapy plus has an active outreach programme. The way they have changed their ways of intervening could be a model for others, particularly when engaging with mental health. We’ll explore how the grassroots can shape the socio-political in a circular process.

If you have any queries please contact [email protected]

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