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Psychology of Sexualities Annual Conference 2019

04 July 2019 - 05 July 2019 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Registration is required. See Pricing tab for more information.
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This year's edition of the BPS Psychology of Sexualities Section annual conference is shceduled for the 4th and 5th of July 2019 in London.

There will be keynote speeches from some of the leading practitioners and researchers in sexualities, gender and relationships.

Our keynote speakers this year are:

  • Professor Christina Richards
  • Professor Elizabeth Peel

Professor Christina Richards is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and current Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology. Her publications include Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals: a practical guide (Co-author, Sage) and the Palgrave Handbook of the Psychology of Sexuality and Gender (Co-editor)

Professor Elizabeth Peel is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and former Chair of the BPS Psychology of Sexualities Section. Her publications include Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender Psychology: an introduction (Co-author, Cambridge University Press) and Out in Psychology: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer perspectives (Co-editor, Wiley)

The British Psychological Society
30 Tabernacle Street

Event Location: 

10:00 Registration and coffee
Keynote address
Contested Criticality and Gender Agendas
Liz Peel 
11:30 Coffee
Oral presentations session 1: Thriving and flourishing
Examining Partnership-Health Associations among U.S. Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals, Using Population-Level Data 
Steve N. Du Bois, Ph.D., Arryn A. Guy, M.S. & Nicole Legate, Ph.D. Ashley Kendall, Ph.D.
Collective action as a means of resisting discrimination and protecting mental health in sexual and gender minorities
Randolph C. H. Chan
“We can forge our own path”: Positive perspectives on being queer, trans and intersex
Kate McLeod, Gloria Fraser & Marc S. Wilson
13:00 Lunch
Short oral presentations session 1 - Identities 
Gender identities and experiences of young people presenting to the gender identity development service (GIDS) 
Canvin, L. K. & Twist, J.
“People are uncomfortable with the blurriness” – Exploring sexual fluidity in four people’s life experience
Andrew Williams
Beyond the Binary: An Exploration of Language, Discourse and the Lived Experience of Identifying as Non-Binary 
Stina Boro & Dr Robbie Busch
A Second Life: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Transgender Identity Formation Online
Dr J Brian Pickering
Stereotype Deduction: Resolving the Paradox of Invisible Prejudice towards Bisexuals
Alon Zivony, PhD
14:30 Oral presentations session 2 - Labels
“It’s like ownership over my own body”: The lives and experiences of bisexual and other plurisexual-identified women

Tara Pond, Dr Pani Farvid & Dr Paula Collens
Putting people in boxes - the challenges of using quantitative methods to understand sexual behaviour of LGBTQ+ people
Hannah Madden
Women’s perspectives on “mostly” as a non-exclusive sexual identity label
Dr Liam Wignall
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Oral presentations session 3 - Attitudes around the world (in parallel)
Challenges and resources in community-based response to domestic and family violence against LGBTQ individuals: Experiences of barangay workers in Quezon City, Philippines

Bea Torre 
“Worse than animals”: The discursive production of LGBT identities in the Philippines after Pacquiao
Bendicion, G.P. Ofreneo, M.A. Camarao, C.B. & Custodio, L.H.
Attitudes toward lesbian and gay parenting in Turkey
Aysegul Dilbirligi Prof Elizabeth Peel Prof Sarah Holloway & Dr Adrian Leguina
17:00 Short oral presentations session 2 – Adolescence (in parallel)
Testing a minority stress-adjusted cognitive behavioural model of distress in LGBT+ students: A prospective mediation study

Georgina Gnan
Trans, non-binary and gender-unsure/questioning adolescents: Social experiences and social identities 
S. Bower-Brown, S. Zadeh, A. Guasp, J. Bradlow & V. Jadva
Mental Health, Social Adversity & Health Outcomes in Sexual Minority Adolescents Aged 14 years: Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS6)
Rebekah Amos & Eric Manalastas
Involvement in different bullying roles and types across romantic attraction in 15-year-old adolescents from eight European countries
Dr Alina Cosma & Professor Saoirse Nic Gabhainn
16:30 Workshop session 1 (in parallel)
Process-based CBT, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Diversity: Enhancing Clinical Skills

Matthew D. Skinta, Ph.D., ABPP, and Lore M. Dickey, Ph.D.
All Day

Poster 1

An Exploration of Bisexual Women's Drug Use: Towards a Grounded Theory
Xanthe Rose Batt, Dr. Russel Ayling and Dr. Andreas Vassiliou
Transgender women’s experiences and beliefs about hormone therapy through and beyond mid-age
Sophie Mohamed
From Silent to Resilient: Exploring the Voices of Filipino Deaf Gay Men Employees in Hearing Workplaces
Estephanie Therese C. Daga; Angelbert Z. Hernandez
Ulwaluko: ‘Rights’ of passage of gay men in South Africa
Bridgetti Mashabane and Neil Henderson
"Attitudes towards Asexuality: Developing a Psychometric Measure" 
Sinead Kelleher and Mike Murphy
 ‘If there is no homo, there is no trio’: Women’s experiences and expectations of MMF threesomes
Ryan Scoats
The New Language of Gender and Sexual Diversity: Identity Labeling in Adolescence
Phillip L. Hammack, Sam D. Hughes, Julianne Atwood, & Elliot Cohen
Wearing a Rainbow Lanyard as an Everyday Ally Behaviour among Members of a University Allies Programme
Eric Julian Manalastas, Aarti Iyer, Chantelle Wood, Matthew Mears & Charlotte Axon
How do men and women use dating and hook-up apps to find same-gender partners? Cross-national research in the UK and USA.
Hannah Madden


10:00 Registration and coffee
10:30 Keynote address
Global standards for assisting with gender diversity
Christina Richards
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Oral presentations session 4 - Media representations
The Road Ahead: Victoria’s Secret goes to China, sexualisation, and the market of commercial sexism

Xintong Jia & Professor Rosalind Gill 
Girls who like boys who do boys like their girls: Women, m/m pornography, and the privileging of male sexual fluidity
Lucy Neville
Trans, non-binary and intersex identities in UK newspapers 1995-2019: Contested representations and the importance of sport
Gabe Knott-Fayle
13:00 Lunch & Annual General Meeting
14:00 Short oral presentations session 3 – Physical healthcare (in parallel)
Stigma in Special Populations: Stigma as a Barrier to Healthcare for Transgender and HIV+ Patients in Appalachia

Bryson Higgins Kelpe
Gay men’s experiences of HIV Testing in a post PrEP landscape a Q study. 
Richard Hobbs, Aimee Pudduck, Austin Lockwood & Dougal Julian Hare 
Mental health and sexually transmitted infections across gender identity and sex at birth among men-who-have-sex-with-men in Europe: Findings from EMIS-2017
Ford Hickson, Axel J Schmidt, David Reid, Peter Weatherburn & the EMIS Network
The sexual behaviour and health of heterosexual-identifying men who have sex with men: a systematic review
Tyrone J Curtis, Kirsty Bennett, Nigel Field, Lorraine K McDonagh & Catherine H Mercer
14:30 Oral presentations session 5 – Mental healthcare (in parallel)
 “Reflecting, not directing”: Rainbow community members’ experiences of accessing mental health support in Aotearoa New Zealand
Gloria Fraser
LGBQ+ adults' experiences of NHS counselling or Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services
Amelia Foy, Vanessa Fernandes, Daniel Morris & Dr. Katharine Rimes
How do experiences of minority stress affect self-esteem in LGBQ+ young people? A qualitative interview study
Livia Bridge, Patrick Smith & Katharine A. Rimes
14:00 Workshop session 2 (in parallel)
Four therapy themes that occur when listening to trans, non-binary, and gender questioning people

Laura Scarrone Bonnhomme 
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Oral presentations session 6 – Changes  (in parallel)
All bad? Experiences of ageing among LGBT elders in South Africa

Finn Reygan & Neil Henderson
Cross-national Gay Male Ageing: Giving up or Giving over
Dr Paul Simpson & Dr Peter Robinson
Renegotiating sex and intimacy in early motherhood; A positive depiction?
Amy Middleton
15:30 Workshop session 3 (in parallel)
Refugees from gender: A trauma-informed approach to transgender care (Friday afternoon)

Joanna Paschedag, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS, EuroPSY, Registered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
16:30 Closing remarks and prizes 
Presented by Psychology of Sexualities Chair Adam Jowett
All Day

Posters 2

What’s The Point Coming-Out? Monogamous Bisexual Women’s Fears of Being Out (FOBO)
Sarah Jane Daly
The effect of State Self-Esteem on Transphobia
Ofer Fein
Childhood gender-typed behaviour and peer problems: A prospective birth-cohort study
Warren, A-S., Goldsmith, K.A. & Rimes, K.A.
Why are bisexual individuals at higher risk of mental health problems than lesbian and gay individuals?
Randolph C. H. Chan
What do you do when you haven’t got a map? Using qualitative research to understand young LGBT+ people’s suicidal thoughts and behaviours in Scotland.
Hazel Marzetti
Supporting the intimate relationship needs of service users with psychosis: What are the barriers and facilitators?
Rebecca White, Prof. Gillian Haddock and Dr. Filippo Varese
 “What if my best friend is homophobic?”: Questions, experiences, and insights of Filipino youth from a series of workshops on gender and sexuality
Bea Torre
Domestic violence among homosexual, bisexual, and transgender persons.
Karolina Koziara & Magdalena Mijasi
Investigating the Experiences of Transgender Students in Higher Education
Lynne Regan


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If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Dr Chris Campbell

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