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Psychology in the Pub - York

11 December 2018 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
This event is free and open to everyone. No registration is required.
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Around the world reports of rape and sexual offences are on the rise.

Despite this, criminal convictions at court are lower in rape cases than for almost all other types of crime.

One explanation is that unlike other crimes, rape cannot rely on traditional policing methods.

With most rapes occurring in private behind closed doors, the evidence from CCTV or from eyewitnesses is rarely available to investigators.

Also DNA shows only that the alleged act happened, not whether it happened with consent. However, are these really the reasons why conviction rates are low? Or is there a more psychological explanation?

Based on scientific research carried out in courtrooms with real criminal lawyers and judges, Dr. Dominic Willmott explains why rape victims are not getting the justice they deserve.

The Cross Keys Pub

Speaker: Dr Dominic Wilmott

Dominic is a researcher at the University of Huddersfield, England. With a specialism in Forensic and Criminal Psychology, Dominic’s work focuses upon the application of psychological principles within criminal justice domains, primarily decision making within the courtroom. 

Dominic’s research examining the extent to which bias can impact the impartiality of verdict decisions within rape trials, has received international attention within the media, science and legal practice. 

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