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Within the Occupational Psychology community there is a great deal of interesting and important work being carried out by MSc students, doctoral students, and those on the Stage 2 qualification.  

Catering for all who are currently studying or researching as a post-graduate student or in training (QOP2) along with anyone who has in the last 2 years completed a degree or qualification in occupational psychology,  this webinar provides an opportunity to present  your work to your peers in a safe and supportive environment.

Career paths are often non-linear when it comes to occupational psychology, and this event is for everyone who is studying or training in the field, or has recently done so, regardless of where this fits into your life span or overall career journey.

The purpose of the webinar is developmental and aims to help participants acquire the skills and experience to submit work to conferences, such as the DOP conference, and to peer reviewed journals including the DOP’s new publication, Occupational Psychology Outlook.

The webinar will consist of two Keynote speakers, one academic and one practitioner.  There will be ten presentations of postgraduate and/or Stage 2 work and a workshop discussion on presenting and publishing postgraduate and Stage 2 work.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To develop confidence in  submitting to and presenting at conferences such as the DOP conference
  2. To learn how to prepare your work for publication
  3. To broaden understanding of the range of work carried out in Occupational Psychology
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