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The Northern Ireland BPS 2022 Annual Conference

11 - 12 October 2022 (Online)

09.00 - 18.00 BST


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The theme of the NIBPS 2022 Annual conference is: Cultivating Creativity and Connection in an evolving world

What does it mean, how can it be cultivated, and why is it important for making and sustaining connections in the changing and unpredictable world that we are currently experiencing, particularly as we navigate our way through and out of the COVID pandemic and its consequences?  And what psychological themes and approaches are relevant?

The conference invites contributions in the following areas:

  • Research into the topic of creativity, as well as examples of research that show creativity in terms of approaches, methods,  tools, or ways of reporting
  • Psychological interventions and practices with different client groups, that perhaps illustrate ‘new’ and creative responses to particular challenges, for example, creative responses in the justice system, in health interventions, in education, in business or community organisations
  • Teaching and learning creatively, including teaching/cultivating creativity itself  as well as designing creative methods/approaches to teaching and learning in any educational context.

Both theoretical and practical questions will be addressed through keynotes, invited speakers, symposia, individual papers and workshops 

For example, questions such as:

  • What is creativity?
  • Is it “in the mind” or “in the ether”?
  • What approaches, methods, tools are available to cultivate creativity?  
  • What is the relationship between creativity and innovation?   
  • Is there a relationship between creativity and play?
  • What is the relationship between creative responses and the context in which they occur?   
  • What is the relationship between creativity and newer approaches to psychological therapies?
  • What role has the pandemic played in raising awareness about the importance of creative approaches and responses, for example, through the need for remote learning, delivering psychological interventions remotely, or conducting research in constrained circumstances?  
  • What other types of challenges have influenced creative responses?

Keynote and invited speakers will contribute on the following themes:

  • Conceptions of creativity –  is creativity a characteristic of  an “individual” mind or part of a  “distributed” mind, of interactions between people and places?  
  • Innovation and creativity in organisations
  • Creative problem solving in the justice system
  • Creative responses to teaching in higher education 
  • Cultivating creativity - can creativity be ‘taught’ or is it ‘caught’?

Invited symposia, papers and workshops include:

  • Innovative approaches to remote learning and teaching in higher education
  • Psychological approaches to problem solving in the courts
  • Creativity, play and playfulness in the early years
  • Meta learning and cultivating creativity – the importance of the pedagogical approach
  • Workshop on third wave psychological therapies (e.g., mindfulness, dialectical behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapies)

The conference committee calls for further symposia, research papers, insights in practice, case studies, and workshops.    

Oral presentations as well as posters are welcome.

We recognise that not all current research and practice will fall in under the theme of the conference and we very much welcome you to submit abstracts relating to your current research outside of the theme and we will create a strand for those presentations.


for Best Poster, Best overall undergraduate oral presentation, Best overall postgraduate oral presentation

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