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The use of assistive technology is growing and the unprecedented times we are in has led to mass adaption to new ways of working. Assistive technology can play a part in breaking down barriers to work for people with neurodiverse conditions. In this live webinar you will hear from a range of speakers including practitioner psychologists and individuals who will provide a wide range of perspectives on the use and benefits of assistive technology in the workplace and will include demonstrations of assistive technology.

This webinar focuses on the role assistive technology can play for people with neurodiverse conditions, but also recognises its place as a potential productivity tool for all. As a practitioner psychologist you will be able to have a better understanding of the way organisations can utilise technology to adapt ways of working for people with neurodiverse conditions and understand how to create a more inclusive organisational culture.

How to Register

Registration is now open and available online only.

In order to register for the event, you will need to sign in using your BPS log in details. If you are not a returning customer, you will need to create an account.

Fees incl. VAT.

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  • Society Member £25
  • Non-Society Member £50



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