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My Super Mind – Your Career in Psychology

20 October 2021 1:00 pm - 3:15 pm
This webinar is free to attend and open to all
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Careers in psychology isn’t for everyone – Myth!

Psychologists only work in hospitals – Myth!

All psychologists do the same thing – Myth!

This event aims to engage young people with the main psychological professions and will give them the opportunity to understand what psychology is and the career pathways offered across the discipline; it seeks to dispel some of the common myths that careers options in psychology are limited and only open to certain types of people.  

This free event is open to all those across the UK and is run by the BPS North West Branch and the Careers Team.  Throughout the event our engaging and insightful speakers will share their inspirational journeys into the psychological professions.  The BPS North West of England Branch have worked to secure speakers who represent the inclusivity and diversity of the discipline and this event seeks to engage young people in the message that psychology is open to all.

We would like this event to reach as many young people as possible so are offering it as an opportunity for teachers of psychology and those who support career decision making the option to sign up and stream this event live to their classes or interested pupils. Individual booking is also an option.

By the end of this event we hope those watching will be;

  • Inspired to consider a future career in some of the chartered psychological professions;
  • Able to understand more about what psychology is;
  • Have and enhanced knowledge of some of the careers in psychology and how individuals got into them; 
  • Aware that a career in psychology is open to people from all backgrounds and the importance of the psychological workforce reflecting those they serve;
  • Able to understand the skills developed studying psychology and how these can be successfully transferred into jobs in the discipline.

Confirmed Speakers:

•    Dr Holly Martin-Smith (Health Psychology)
•    Professor Gina Rippon, Professor Emeritus of Cognitive NeuroImaging Aston Brain Centre (cognitive neuroscience) 
•    Dr Brendan J Dunlop (Clinical Psychology) 
•    Dr Geraldine O'Hare (Forensic Psychology) 
•    Sak Rafique (Sports and Coaching Psychology) 
•    Euan Woolley (Occupational Psychology) 
•    Katherine Carpenter (BPS President) 

A representative from Undergraduate Psychology will also be attending


13:00 Welcome by Mia Pal, Co-Chair elect for the BPS North West of England Branch

Speaker 1 (Health Psychology)

13:25 Speaker 2 (Forensic Psychology)
13:40 Speaker 3 (Clinical Psychology)
13:55 Comfort Break
14:05 Speaker 4 (Cognitive Neuroscience)
14:20 Speaker 5 (Sports Psychology/Coaching Psychology)
14:35 Speaker 6 (Occupational Psychology)
14:50 Speaker 7 (Psychology Undergraduate)
15:00 Closing Remarks from BPS President


Registration is Free and now open and available online only.

*All prices include VAT

In order to register for the event, you will need to sign in using your log in details. If you are not a returning customer, you will need to create a free account.

Joining instructions will be sent the day prior to the event, these will be sent to your BPS registered email address.

Please note, this webinar will be recorded.

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